SBLI Has Partnered with LegacyShield to Offer a Legacy Planning Customer Platform1

SBLI has partnered with LegacyShield to give our customers a subscription to a state-of-the-art legacy planning platform. This secure tool will allow you to not only keep track of your financial life but also easily share information with your loved ones. Its intuitive design will help you organize valuable documents, financial information, photos, videos, stories, and final wishes in one secure location. You can plan and create your legacy and life story, leaving messages for your family as well as an organized roadmap of all assets – personal and financial.

Why should I use LegacyShield?

Over $59 billion in lost money has been turned over to the government. That doesn’t include important personal information and keepsakes that are also getting lost at an alarming rate. From family pictures on a mobile device to online accounts, valuable and cherished items can be misplaced without a safe, centralized place to keep them. LegacyShield is an easy-to-use, intuitive system that securely organizes your entire life and provides access points to share valuable information and favorite memories now, later, or after you pass away.

Is LegacyShield secure?

LegacyShield features military-grade security standards and encrypts all information, including file names. It also includes a multi-step verification process. No one, including LegacyShield or SBLI employees, has access to anything you store within LegacyShield.

How much storage does LegacyShield provide?

LegacyShield offers unlimited storage.

Will SBLI share my information with LegacyShield?

SBLI will ask for your permission to share with LegacyShield that you have an in-force policy with us. Any further information that you share with LegacyShield will be between you and LegacyShield.

Do I have to pay for LegacyShield?

SBLI will provide no less than one full year of Shield, the basic-level subscription to LegacyShield, at no charge. After one year, SBLI may withdraw its financial support of your subscription by providing you at least 30 days advanced written notice, and you may be responsible for the costs of continuing this service.

How do I get my subscription?

Click the button below to register on You will need just three pieces of information to register: any one of your SBLI policy numbers, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your zip code.

Have more questions? LegacyShield’s Customer Service team can help.

Phone: 877-966-2228
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1LegacyShield is an independent, cloud-based document storage service provider. Your relationship or agreements with LegacyShield are separate from your relationship or agreements with SBLI.